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Bag Ladies Tea was founded in 1999. We are a specialty tea company that celebrates the uncanny joy and sisterhood that we share as women. Whether in friendship, marriage, motherhood, or career, our Whimsical Line tea bags are tagged with insightful and humorous quotes that offer solace, as we ‘steep’ through life’s everyday dilemmas and delights.

In 2009 we introduced Novel Teas. I was fortunate to grow up in a literacy-rich household. Our books usually came from the library, yet my 8 siblings and I reached adulthood sharing one particular indulgence – loving our own books. Whether it is the feel of the page, seeing a book dedication inked on the front cover, that crackling sound of a brand-new children's book, the smell of an older edition – we all love our books.

— Tricia McIntyre


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